Bob Morovski
Decision bob morovski
Morovski in "Decision"
Portrayed By John Evans
First Appearance "Decision"
Last Appearance "The Joining"
Gender Male
Race Human
Also Known As Lieutenant Morovski
Affiliations Police, William Boone

Bob Morovski was a police lieutenant serving under Captain William Boone. He managed to use forensics to figure out that Eddy Jordan was the assassin responsible for the "death" of Jonathan Doors ("Decision").

Morovski and his team then investigated the death of Kate Boone. They were not able to prove that her death was caused by foul play but Morovski shared Boone's suspicions. Morovski was concerned for Boone and suggested that he take a vacation ("Truth").

Morovski assisted Boone with catching thieves who stole plutonium from the Granite Canyon Nuclear Plant by setting up roadblocks to prevent anyone from leaving the city without being checked ("Old Flame").


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