"Half computer chip, half Taelon germ."
-Ronald Sandoval

Cyber Viral Implant
Decision cvi
Display of CVI Being Implanted in "Decision"
Series Earth: Final Conflict
Also Known As CVI
First Appearance "Decision"

A Cyber Viral Implant or CVI is a Taelon device that is installed in the brains of the Taelon's Human protectors. It increases the percentage of the brain that Humans are able to use. It also gives one superior memory recall. Sandoval tells Boone that it can actually "put you in your memory" ("Decision"). Early CVIs included information about the Taelon mission on Earth. Ronald Sandoval was implanted with one like this ("Sandoval's Run").

Dr. Julianne Belman tells Boone that CVI's also alter your "motivational imperative in the Taelon's favour." That means that the Taelon's priorities and orders become the most important thing to an "implant." When Dr. Belman implanted Boone with his CVI, she removed the Taelon imperative so Boone would benefit from the increased brain capacity and recall features but not be forced to obey the Taelons ("Decision").

The first human to be implanted with a CVI was James Pike, a convicted murderer. The implant was an experiment to see if a motivational imperative like "love all humans" could be used to rehabilitate a criminal instead of incarceration. Da'an considered this experiment a success because Pike remained a model inmate for nearly two years after being implanted. However, Pike's CVI began to degrade and eventually killed him either because of failure of the device or Pike's ability to tap into it to help his brain evolve faster than normal ("Avatar").

For a reason that no one had been able to determine, CVIs sometimes began to degrade after an extended period of use. This happened to Ronald Sandoval. In order to save Sandoval's life, Dr. Belman administered an experimental Anti-Cyber Virus. Over a 24 hour period, the A-CVI successfully destroyed what was left of the CVI so that Sandoval could be re-implanted with a new one ("Sandoval's Run").