You may also be looking for the Jonathan Doors A.I.

Jonathan Doors
Jonathan doors
Doors in "Resurrection"
Portrayed By David Hemblen
Series Earth: Final Conflict"
First Appearance "Decision"
Last Appearance "Limbo"
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliations Doors International
Son(s) Joshua Doors

Jonathan Doors was the president of Doors International. He began his career as an engineer in a nuclear power plant ("The Scarecrow Returns").

Doors went to a great deal of trouble to fake his own death in hopes of exposing the Taelons as something sinister. He founded the Liberation ("Decision").

Some months later, Doors returned to the public stage. He interrupted a broadcast of the World Bowl and told the world that he had faked his death. He announced that there was an organized Liberation against the Taelons and made public certain documents that showed the Taelons had been doing bioengineering work on Human subjects at Futurity Farm ("Resurrection").