Judson Corr
Decision judson corr
Corr in "Decision"
Portrayed By Michael Filipowich
Brian Jagersky (stunts)
First Appearance "Decision"
Last Appearance "If You Could Read My Mind"
Gender Male
Race Human
Cause of Death Skrill Blast
Affiliations Ronald Sandoval

Judson Corr was an assassin for hire. Under orders from Ronald Sandoval he murdered William Boone's wife, Kate ("Decision").

When Boone, with the help of his CVI, was able to determine Corr was his wife's killer, Boone arranged for Corr to be led to Augur's Warehouse. There, Boone and Lili Marquette engaged Corr in a fierce gun battle. Corr was disarmed by Boone and was about to reveal the identity of the person who ordered Kate's death when Ronald Sandoval shot and stunned Corr with his Skrill ("Truth").



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