Julianne Belman
Belman 01
In "If You Could Read My Mind"
Portrayed By Majel Barrett
First Appearance "Decision"
Last Appearance "Deja Vu"
Gender Female
Race Human
Also Known As Dr. Belman
Affiliations Liberation

Dr. Julianne Belman is a Human expert on Cyber Viral Implants. She frequently works with the Taelons to implant CVIs in their protectors. Belman is secretly a member of the Liberation.

Belman was responsible for implanting the first human with a CVI. His name was James Pike, a convicted serial murderer. His CVI functioned for almost two years before it started to break down and caused Pike's death. Before he died, Pike kidnapped Dr. Belman and forced her to modify his CVI so he could fire a skrill. He then stole Agent Sandoval's skrill and tried to assassinate Da'an ("Avatar").

Boone sought out Belman's help to test his CVI when he suspected it might have been tampered with. In fact, it had been tampered with. The Taelons had implanted false memories of a relationship Boone never actually had with Elyse Chapel. Belman determined that the CVI was working properly so the memories had been implanted skillfully ("Old Flame").

After Jonathan Doors returned from his faked death, Belman was questioned by Zo'or and Ronald Sandoval. She lied convincingly, telling them that all her medical readings showed that Doors had in fact died. Later, she took William Boone and Lili Marquette to the Liberation Headquarters ("Resurrection").

When Ronald Sandoval's CVI began to degrade, Belman administered an experimental Anti-Cyber Virus to destroy the original. She was then able to implant Sandoval with a new CVI to save his life ("Sandoval's Run").

When the Taelons devised an experiment in de-evolution involving creating a hybrid of Rho'ha and Lucas Johnson, Dr. Belman assisted Ne'eg in the medical procedures. Later, Belman cared for the body of Johnson as he lay in a state between life and death. When Da'an made it clear that Johnson would have to die in order to stop Rho'ha's violent rampage, Belman refused to kill her patient ("Pandora's Box").


  • Dr. Belman was portrayed by Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, who was also the show's executive producer. She was credited as "Majel Barrett" when appearing as an actor and as "Majel Roddenberry" in her capacity as a producer.
  • A photograph of Gene Roddenberry can be seen displayed prominently on Dr. Belman's desk.


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