Kate Boone
Decision kate boone
Kate Boone in "Decision"
Portrayed By Lisa Ryder
First Appearance "Decision"
Last Appearance "Truth"
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Race Human
Cause of Death Car Accident
Killed By Judson Corr, Ronald Sandoval
Romances William Boone

Kate Boone was married to William Boone. She and her husband planned to begin a family until she was murdered by Judson Corr under the orders of Ronald Sandoval ("Decision").

Kate had a "green thumb" and had a small indoor garden that included orchids. After her death, William Boone tried to care for the plants ("Truth").

When James Pike escaped from prison, he researched the death of Kate Boone and tried to use the information to test Boone to see if his CVI's motivational imperative was functioning. Because of the level of emotion Boone displayed, Pike was able to guess that Boone was not compelled by his CVI ("Avatar").

When Boone appeared to fall in love with Elyse Chapel soon after Kate's death, Lili knew something was wrong. She worked to help reveal a Taelon plot to tamper with the memories in Boone's CVI ("Old Flame").


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