Ma'el 01
Mosaic of Ma'el in "The Secret of Strandhill"
Portrayed By Leni Parker
First Appearance "The Secret of Strandhill"
Gender Male
Race Taelon

Ma'el was a Taelon scientist and the first Taelon to visit Earth. He arrived over 2000 years ago and lived on Earth for several centuries. He influenced various cultures and religious philosophies (for example, the concept of a human 'city' - a concentrated metropolitan area inhabited by large groups of people - is a direct result of Ma'el's influence).

When Ma'el's Tomb was uncovered at Strandhill, a mosaic featuring the Taelon with religious figures like Shiva and Moses suggested that he might be responsible for their place in history.

Ma'el sent messages to his fellow Taelons advising them not to come to Earth. He told them that Humans would eventually be their equals. The Taelons disregarded these messages ("The Secret of Strandhill").

In the distant past, Ma'el managed to gift certain humans with psychic abilities. He hoped that these abilities would pass through the generations of humanity and eventually enable Humans to be part of the Taelon Commonality ("If You Could Read My Mind").



  • The name Ma'el may be a reference to the old Celtic name Máel. Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill (975/976-1022) was a High King of Ireland.
  • Ma'el was portrayed by Leni Parker, who usually appeared as Da'an. It's not clear if this was done to save money or to suggest a familial or spiritual connection between them. Either way, the resemblance was never commented upon.