Paul Chandler
Bobby 02
In "Horizon Zero"
Portrayed By Bobby Johnston
Series Earth: Final Conflict
First Appearance "Horizon Zero"
Last Appearance "Friendly Fire"
Gender Male
Race Human
Romances Lili Marquette
Affiliations IASA

Paul Chandler was an astronaut working for the IASA. He went through flight school with Lili Marquette. His middle name, Emory, was given to him in honour of his godmother, Anna Mae Emory.

When Paul's mission to Mars was cancelled by President Daniel Thompson, Chandler was incensed. He believed the decision had to do with the Taelons not wanting Humans in space. He used Lili to get close to her shuttle and then stole the shuttle to complete his Mars mission.

Chandler told Lili that his personal hero was Jim Lovell. Lovell was never able to get to the Moon after Apollo 13 was aborted. Chandler didn't want that to happen with him and Mars. Initially angry with Chandler, Lili eventually agreed to help him because she also believed the Taelons were behind the mission's cancellation. Chandler was able to complete the mission. He sent back photographs of the flags he and his teammates planted on Mars along with a note telling Lili that he would look her up ("Horizon Zero").