Scarecrow Probe
Butterfly scarecrow
In "Float Like a Butterfly"
Series Earth: Final Conflict
First Appearance "Float Like a Butterfly"

The Scarecrow Probe was nicknamed by Jedediah and Rachel Good who found it in the woods in the Amish community of Paradise. They hid the object in their barn. When a rash of strange suicides began to take place in Paradise, their father, Dr. Elijah Good, asked William Boone for help.

Boone and Lili Marquette discovered that the Probe was controlling a swarm of artificial butterflies that were designed to enter the Human body and test its physical limits. Thus, each suicide victim died in a different extreme manner. Boone and Lili had the Liberation pick up the Probe ("Float Like a Butterfly").

When Jonathan Doors received the Probe he began Project Metal Scarecrow ("Resurrection"). Stored in the "Lair", the probe was studied by scientists like Sahjit Jinnah and Rayna Armitraj. They discovered images the probe had stored from its time in Paradise. They also discovered that the probe was storing the DNA of the butterfly it had absorbed to create its Replicants ("The Scarecrow Returns").

Sahjit determined that the probe communicated with a beam of focused light. He was able to create a system by which he and Boone could communicate with it. While in the Lair, the probe absorbed Rayna and created two Replicant Raynas to help it protect itself. Both Replicants were destroyed but Sahjit believed her DNA was still stored within the probe ("The Scarecrow Returns").

While in the Lair, the probe sent a signal (presumably to its point of origin). Tracking the signal led Ronald Sandoval and Da'an close to the Liberation's secret headquarters. At the last minute, Boone managed to communicate with the probe and lure it away from the Lair so the Liberation would not be discovered. Da'an used a piece of Taelon technology to cover the top of the probe and deactivate it ("The Scarecrow Returns").



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