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Decision skrill 02
Skrills in "Decision"
Owner(s) Ronald Sandoval
William Boone
Siobhan Beckett
Type Weapon, Life Form
First Appearance "Decision"

Skrills are sentient, and intelligent alien life forms bred by the Taelons to be used as weapons. Only an "Implant" with a CVI can control a Skrill. Da'an called Skrills "peace-keeper[s]… a tool to quell a storm" ("Scorpions Dream").

Skrills were sentient beings with whom the Taelons made contact. The Taelons considered them primitive; Da'an said that "as with every texture, there are degrees of contact as well as degrees of sentience." Quo’on described their first contact as "carnage without ceasing," and Da’an remarked on the skrills’ having proved of "particular potency in time passing." A Skrill, "harbor[ing] an almost apocalyptic power" according to Da'an, was capable of killing a Taelon ("Scorpions Dream").

Ronald Sandoval described Implants as "true symbiots. [The Skrills] feed off our food intake, draw on our energy to generate their fields." Both Sandoval and Boone had experienced communication with their Skrills, particularly in "primitive and irrational" dream imagery. Boone told Lili Marquette that his Skrill definitely "[had] an intelligence, a presence." Skrills made a hissing noise and exhibited bioluminescence, which they also used to communicate with their hosts. Sandoval counseled Boone that "a Skrill isn’t a device to be mastered…form a relationship."

Skrills are usually bonded to their hosts for life but they can be removed with some significant danger to both Skrill and host. For example, when James Pike stole Ronald Sandoval's Skrill, Sandoval needed serious medical treatment but the Skrill was eventually recovered and both it and Sandoval survived ("Avatar").

William Boone frequently used his Skrill in the line of duty. In a firefight with three plutonium thieves, Boone used his Skrill to kill Peter ("Old Flame"). When strange, artificial butterflies caused a rash of deaths in the Amish community of Paradise, Boone used his Skrill to melt the swarm of butterflies and end the threat ("Float Like a Butterfly"). He noted during that incident (when the butterflies had swarmed the Taelon Shuttle) that he risked destroying the shuttle if he increased the power more.

The Skrill bioengineering program was led by human Dr. Larry Clark at the Comtech Labs. Clark liked to nickname the Skrills he worked with. There were several different series of Skrills. The "Gammas" included the Skrills given to Boone and Sandoval, which Dr. Clark had nicknamed Condor and Raven respectively..

When Clark was working on the "Alphas" it became apparent that they had a strong sense of self-preservation and the Taelon Synod decided to terminate the entire series. Clark briefly escaped with the "Mother" of the Alpha series but was later apprehended by William Boone ("Scorpions Dream").


Known Skrills[]