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Truth 04
Boone and Lili Discover the Truth
Series Earth: Final Conflict
Season Season One
Original Air-Date October 13, 1997
Written By Raymond Hartung
Richard C. Okie
Directed By Allan Eastman
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 2nd in Series
Order in Season 2nd in Season
Previous Episode "Decision"
Next Episode "Miracle"
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Da'an tells the Synod that he fears no more assassination attempts. He has placed his faith in Boone, whom he feels has unlimited potential.

Act OneEdit

Da'an holds a press conference to introduce Boone as head of security and head of interspecies relations. Ronald Sandoval takes Boone to his new office in the Federal Building. There, he explains the benefits of Taelon technology, including Virtual Glass and Boone's CVI. Through his CVI, Boone experiences crystal clear memories of his wife, Kate Boone. Boone is then able to vividly recall a lunch he shared with Dan Spicer when he was in junior high.

Later, Boone and Lili stop by at the site of Kate Boone's "accident." Lili warns Boone that he cannot pursue a private vendetta because, as an Implant, it would not be included in his imperative. He must continue to act the part of a regular Implant or he will give himself up as a double agent.

At the police impound lot, Boone explores the remains of Sarah's car. He finds a foreign object and when he researches it at his office he discovers it's a thermal transducer that must have been planted there to blow up the vehicle. Boone meets with Lili on the outskirts of the city and blows up a car to demonstrate how his wife was murdered.

Act TwoEdit

Boone takes Lili to meet Augur at his warehouse. Boone asks Augur to look into murders similar to the murder of his wife. For his services, Augur is paid with a Cash Card.

Boone uses information from Lt. Morovski's witness to the accident to help him trigger memories of the night with his CVI. He is able to recall that after his wife drove off he did see someone follow her car.

Augur is able to log into the National Crime Information Center database. He finds 206 matches for similar car bombings. When he scrolls through the list of suspects Boone is able to recognize Judson Corr as the man he saw following Kate.

Act ThreeEdit

Corr is notified by his computer's Avatar that someone has accessed the NCIC files on him. He booby traps his home with a bomb that goes off when Boone arrives there looking for him. Boone survives the explosion but Corr escapes.

At the Taelon Embassy in Washington, D.C., Da'an confronts Boone about his use of time and resources on a project that does not seem to fall within the purview of Taelon interests. Boone convinces Da'an that the bomb that killed his wife was probably meant for Boone himself in retaliation for saving Da'an's life. In this way he is serving the Companions. Da'an allows Boone to continue his work. He tells Boone that he did not order the death of Kate and wishes Boone peace.

Act FourEdit

Lili takes Boone to meet with Jonathan Doors at the Flat Planet Cafe. Doors is concerned that Boone is going to blow his cover but Boone refuses to stop his investigation. Doors orders Lili to kill Boone if there is any chance of compromising the Liberation.

Boone asks Augur to hack into Judson Corr's computer system and let the assassin trace the hack back to Augur's Warehouse. Boone and Lili engage in a gunfight with Corr at the warehouse. Boone disarms Corr and the assassin is about to reveal who ordered him to kill Kate when Sandoval arrives and kills Corr. Sandoval reveals that he ordered Kate's death in order to save Boone from the pain he felt when his wife, DeeDee Sandoval, distanced herself from him after he got his CVI. Boone is tempted to kill Sandoval, but instead walks away.





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