United Republic of Ireland
Strandhill ireland
In "The Secret of Strandhill"
Series Earth: Final Conflict
First Appearance "The Secret of Strandhill"

The United Republic of Ireland was created with the help of the Taelons. It ended decades of terrorism and civil strife on the island.                                                                       Ireland is seen on the map under the name  "British Ireland" in the episode "Redemption" (15 mins in) however the border between Northern Ireland and the rest of Ireland is still seen as a yellow line. The same map shows the river Boyne as flowing to Belfast!                                 In S2 E 17 "Bliss" (13 mins in) the map of Ireland still shows a border round Northern Ireland, this time the only town marked is Dublin.                                                         In S2 E8 Redemption (23 mins in) Siobhan describes her role in the Belfast Militia, Anti-Terrorist Unit in the Irish Army as fighting and killing Terrorists "Protecting my people from those who could kill them".

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