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William Boone
William boone 01.jpg
In "If You Could Read My Mind"
Portrayed By Kevin Kilner (Adult)
Matt Marek (Young)
First Appearance "Decision"
Last Appearance "Boone's Assassin"
Gender Male
Race Human
Also Known As Commander Boone
Romances Kate Boone
Affiliations Liberation
Sister(s) Sarah Boone

William Boone served as an army commander in the SI War. Later, he became Captain of the police in an Ohio city. He was married to Kate Boone until she was murdered by Judson Corr under the orders of Ronald Sandoval.

Companion Career[]

Following a botched assassination attempt on Da'an in which Jonathan Doors appeared to be killed, Da'an offered Boone a position as his personal protector. Initially, Boone declined on the grounds that he did not trust the Taelons or understand their motivations for being on Earth. However, after the murder of Kate, Boone was tempted to join the Companion security team because he would be implanted with a CVI which would allow him to have vivid memories of his wife ("Decision").

Along with his CVI, Boone is given a Skrill nicknamed Condor ("Scorpions Dream").

Boone developed a mutual respect for Da'an. He explained to the Taelon that Humans are at their best when reaching for a final frontier and that without dreams, Humans cease to be Human ("Horizon Zero").

Death and Re-Birth[]

Family and Relationships[]