Zo'or 01
Zo'or in "Resurrection"
Portrayed By Anita LaSelva
Series Earth: Final Conflict
First Appearance "Resurrection"
Last Appearance "Honor and Duty"
Gender Male
Race Taelon
Father Da'an
Zo'or was appointed leader of the Taelon Synod, after the assasination of  Quo'on at the funeral of William Boone. He was the child of Da'an.

Prior to that, Zo'or briefly took over Da'an's role as American Companion when Jonathan Doors revealed that he had faked his own death. The Synod questioned Da'an's capability but removed Zo'or from the position when it became clear that Da'an could not have known about the Doors conspiracy ("Resurrection").

Zo'or was later appointed the Taelon Ambassador to the United Nations, a role previously filled by Da'an. This was ostensibly because the Synod wanted Da'an to focus on his duties as the North American Companion. Although Zo'or was officially based in New York City for this assignment, he spent an inordinate amount of time at the Embassy in Washington, to Da'an's irritation. Following the concurrent search for Ma'el's Tomb, Zo'or advocated the Synod embracing Ma'el's early messages about humanity, rather than his later warnings to leave humanity alone. ("The Secret of Strandhill")

Zo'or and Da'an later clashed over what to do with Rho'ha; Zo'or was adamant that Rho'ha was now an abomination and even suggested he be killed. ("Pandora's Box)


  • Zo'or is one of only two characters to appear in all five seasons of Earth: Final Conflict, the other being Sandoval. Zo'or, however, was only a regular character for the second, third and fourth seasons; he was a recurring character in the first and fifth seasons.



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